A week ahead of its release, there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the newest take on the Fantastic Four. Fox has released two new featurettes to help shed some light on the team’s leader, Reed Richards, and what fans can expect from the team’s powers in director Josh Trank’s reboot.

In the video above, Miles Teller explains what he has in store for his iteration of Reed Richards. But Teller isn’t the only actor portraying Reed in the film — Owen Judge plays a young version of the character in the film, offering a look at Reed during the dawn of his scientific interests.

Fox has also released another feature for the film, billed as a leaked Department of Defense presentation. The video plays out largely like a slideshow production, exploring what the DoD has learned about the Fantastic Four’s powers, and what applications that might have for the government.

Fantastic Four will hit theaters on Aug. 7.

Fantastic Four
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