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Doctor Who came to Beverly Hills (sort of) on Friday as the team behind the BBC America’s cult sensation took questions from reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. Here are five moments from the panel:

On the mysterious role played by Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams next season: “Once you see what she’s up to you’ll appreciate what a clever idea [the role] was,” said showrunner Steven Moffat. “It’s a significant role, we’re not just throwing her away. It’s a great part and she’s terrific in it. One thing I think is worth saying, because it keeps coming up as an issue, is that she is not playing a returning character. She’s a new character, she’s not a character from the Doctor’s past.”

On the Doctor playing guitar in the new season’s trailer: “The Doctor, he previously has played the recorder,” star Peter Capaldi noted. “I thought 11 regenerations after that, he might develop his musical skills a little. I just mentioned [the idea] to Steven, I was surprised he went with it. I also wanted him to plug it into the TARDIS console, I thought that would be great.”

On the inevitable movie question: “What are we going to do, shut down for a year and make a movie?” Moffat said. “Does everybody want that? You’d rather a movie than a whole series? … and you can’t have two James Bonds at the same time.”

On how long Capaldi will stay in the role: “Certainly until the end of September,” Capaldi said. Added Moffat: “It’s the only job in television where everybody asks when you’re leaving! The first question David Tennant got was, ‘How long are you planning to stay?’ He’s like, ‘I just got here!'”

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