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Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about the previous week’s game play on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

ENTERTAINENT WEEKLY: How does the addition of Liz’s twin sister Julia into the house change the game? And whom do you think it helps and hurts the most?

JULIE CHEN: It helps and hurts the twins the most at the same time. They now have built-in unquestionable loyalty. They also now have potentially the largest target on their backs. People must know a twin will always support their sibling before anyone else and they will feel threatened by that.

The Battle of the Block is gone as we now move to an individual Head of Household. How did you feel about all the people throwing BOTB competitions this season, which seemed to happen pretty much every week?

What I love is that even when someone has every intention on throwing a BOB competition, it doesn’t always work! As we saw this year with James and Liz and last year with Frankie winning on his own when Caleb quit on him. Expect the unexpected! Keeps the HGs on their toes!

Jason was a Big Brother super-fan, yet we never saw him make any big power moves. What was it about his game that ultimately led to his eviction?

Jason didn’t rally to scheme gameplay until the writing was already on the wall. His biggest downfall was just kicking back enjoying the life instead of getting to work!

Finally, as I watched the contestants fighting for HOH while being drenched by water and attacked by birds, I wondered if you had ever tried out any of these Big Brother challenges before they went into the house. If so, how did you do?

Yes! I have competed with my Talk co-hosts in various competitions and almost won one! But second place doesn’t cut it. Plus, I work with two of the fiercest competitive people I have ever met: Sara Gilbert and Aisha Tyler. I am pretty competitive too but I didn’t give it my all cause I was competing against friends. Truth be told, I let Aisha win!

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