Credit: Matt Carr/Getty Images

In movie-making, often a director might gripe about his or her film not having been sufficiently promoted in the press by the studio or distributor.

But it’s the opposite scenario in the case of the controversial documentary An Open Secret, which chronicles allegations of child sex abuse in Hollywood. Producer Gabe Hoffman has claimed in a statement to Deadline that the film’s director, Oscar nominee Amy Berg (Deliver Us from Evil), “has so far declined…numerous opportunities to promote An Open Secret which were relayed to her, including many from prominent national media outlets.”

An Open Secret, which Berg made before her upcoming documentaries on cult leader Warren Jeffs and singer Janis Joplin, struggled to secure a distributor since its world premiere at the DOC NYC festival last November. Utah-based Rocky Mountain Pictures, which three years ago scored a $33.4 million hit with 2016: Obama’s America, picked up distribution, but the film has had trouble finding an audience since opening in very limited release on June 5. According to Deadline, it grossed a mere $200 during its opening weekend in Seattle.

Sources close to Berg told Deadline that she has given “tons of interviews” regarding An Open Secret and remains “totally committed” to the film. When contacted by EW, Berg’s representative offered no comment, but forwarded a link to an Elle magazine profile of the director, dated November 13, 2014, which includes numerous quotes from Berg about the making of An Open Secret.

See the trailer for the film, below: