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On Thursday, very important Supernatural history was made — Jared Padelecki posted his first-ever Throwback Thursday photo on Twitter.

In the snap — which he tweeted in honor of his Always Keep Fighting campaign — Padalecki is holding up a photo of himself acting in A Ring of Endless Light — a 2002 Disney Channel classic.

Since Padalecki was so kind as to provide his own #TBT, we decided to round up some of the most iconic firsts in Supernatural history.

1. Remember when Sam and Dean cried at each other the very first time?

Sam and Dean Winchester are no strangers to a good ol’-fashioned cry, but there’s nothing like the first time. Here, the two demon hunters brood at each other following the death of their father.

2. Brotherly traditions are important

Like any siblings, Sam and Dean have nicknames for each other. Though theirs are a little harsher than most, it only shows how they’re on such good terms.

3. That sigh of relief when you realized Supernatural was self-aware

Supernatural is renowned for its meta episodes, and the first venture into self-referencing was one of the show’s best. Here, Sam and Dean discover there is a book series called Supernatural, where two brothers fight the things that go bump in the night. The best part? It’s the story of their lives as written by a prophet named Chuck. (Or is it God himself?)

4. Three cheers for well-rounded female characters, despite how soon they leave us


Charlie (Felicia Day) is Sam and Dean’s hacker friend with a love for all things nerdy. Her signature greeting is just one of the many things that make her so lovable.

5. This is fine and we only have normal thoughts about it

Demon-hunting is hard work — the kind of hard work that pays off in the form of rock-hard abs.

6. A rare shirtless Ackles appears!


Early in the first season Dean gets kidnapped and impersonated by an evil shapshifter. But it wasn’t all bad news — we did get to see him shed his shirt … and then his skin.

7. The first time we poured one out … and poured one out … and poured one out … and poured one out …


The Winchesters have been killed and revived too many times to count, but season 3’s “Mystery Spot” takes the cake. Trapped in a Groundhog Day-type cycle, Sam has to watch Dean die a different way every day.

8. #TBT to the first time one of them died for real, though


At this point, the premise of Supernatural is basically Sam and Dean trying to save each other. Sometimes, however, they don’t get there in time. After Sam is kidnapped by a demon and forced to fight other humans to the death, Dean arrives just in time to see his brother killed by a fellow captive.

9. This list hurts too much. #RIP Bobby — please come back to call us idjits


The boys’ de facto father figure, Bobby, loves Sam and Dean more than anything. Though that doesn’t mean he also can’t call them out for being stupid. His favorite way to do this? Call ’em “idjits.” It’s fine — they invariably deserve it.

10. You never forget your first

The list of baddies the Winchester brothers have gone up against is lengthy, to be sure, but with Azazel — the one who started it all — things were personal. The yellow-eyed demon killed their mother and was the reason they were estranged from their father for so many years.

11. When Dean made his love for pie abundantly clear


Dean loves a lot of things: Classic rock, his ’67 Chevy Impala, and his brother Sam. But more than all of these, Dean loves pie.

12. The wings that launched a thousand ships


At the end of season 3, Dean found himself quite literally hellbound, and it looked to be the end for eldest Winchester. That is, until the angel “gripped [Dean] tight and raised [him] from perdition.”

13. They tried to warn us. #RIP Mary Winchester


The first-ever Supernatural death is also its most unfortunate … for Sam and Dean. Though their mother was killed by Azazel when they were kids, Mary’s death may have inadvertently saved the world. It was her death that prompted Papa Winchester to become hellbent on killing all things ghostly and ghoulish.

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