Tracey Baker-Simmons acted as an executive producer on both 'Being Bobby Brown' and 'The Houstons: On Our Own'
Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images file

Save for a handful of appearances performing with her legendary mother, the late Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s body of work was primarily on the reality shows Being Bobby Brown and The Houstons: On Our Own. Through those two programs, viewers were able to observe Bobbi Kristina and essentially watch her grow up: She was just out of elementary school when Being Bobby Brown started, and she had grown into a young woman for her turn on On Our Own.

Both of those shows were executive produced by Tracey Baker-Simmons, who gave Entertainment Weekly a lovely tribute to Bobbi Kristina in the new issue of the magazine. What stood out to Baker-Simmons was the understated way with which Bobbi Kristina led her life. “There was this innocence about her that was really cute and sweet,” Baker-Simmons says. “She was the daughter of two very big stars, but she did not walk around like she was the daughter of two huge stars. She never acted that way. She definitely never had spoiled brat syndrome. That was not her.”

Though Bobbi Kristina was never overt about lusting after fame, she never rejected it either, and Baker-Simmons believes that The Houstons: On Our Own — which was filmed in the wake of Whitney Houston’s sudden death — may have benefited Bobbi Kristina. “She was grieving,” Baker-Simmons says. “She was very close to her mom — I would dare to say they were best friends. We knew she would have good days and some rough days, but the idea [of the show] would be to watch her transform and find her own voice. I think it was part of the grieving process. We were mindful if she didn’t feel like filming, but I do think it was part of the process. Often when somebody passes, you bury the person, and then everybody goes away and you’re left there alone. But in the middle of a television show, you’ve got producers and people around, so it was a good way of not leaving her alone and surrounding her with the family on her mother’s side — people who really love and care about her.”

For more from Baker-Simmons on the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, check out the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.