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With only four episodes left in ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club, there’s still a lot of history left to cover. But according to the show’s creator Stephanie Savage, things start to pick up this week. “Right at the beginning [of episode 7], we learn that with the addition of Apollo, there are now 30 astronauts in training,” Savage tells EW.

An influx of new astronauts isn’t the only shocker in this week’s installment: “There are a couple of big things happening,” Savage says, warning viewers not to be interrupted while watching, or they might miss the action.

Read on for more of what Savage told EW about to expect from Thursday’s episode:

We’ll meet a few new Astrowives: With Scott Carpenter and John Glenn having left NASA to pursue other dreams, and new missions underway, it’s time for some fresh faces in the Astronaut Wives Club. “It really focuses on the Gemini program being in full swing and we introduce two new wives, Marilyn Lovell and Harriet Eisele,” Savage says. “The situations that they’re grappling with in their personal lives bring the Mercury and Gemini wives together.”

But don’t worry, Savage assures we’ll still see plenty of the original seven wives we’ve come to know and love.

The launches will occur at a faster pace: “That’s just how things played out historically,” Savage explains. “The pace of Gemini — the speed at which things started happening — went from a situation with six or more months between flights to six weeks between months.”

Things are about to get real: We’ve already gotten a taste of the professional and personal struggles associated with Astro-life — from Gus Grissom’s botched mission to those side chicks known as Cape Cookies — but according to Savage, episode 7 takes an even more serious turn. “The show started out on a lighter note, they [the wives] engaged in this sense of competitiveness with who’s going to go up first and the sparkle of who’s going to be in the spotlight with the Life profile. As we get deeper into the journey, those conflicts are going to seem superficial compared to what’s going on now,” Savage says. “The race for space starts to take a darker turn.”

The Astronaut Wives Club will become more of a club: While they’ve always had a tight camaraderie, the wives will form a united front for a mutual cause this week. “This is an episode where you see the wives coming together in a more formal way,” Savage says. “The club part of the Astrowives gets more codified.”

The Astronaut Wives Club airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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