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While Michael Moore is still remaining largely mum on his newly announced film, Where to Invade Next, the director gave his first Periscope interview to shed some light on what his first film in six years has in store.

Moore sat down to answer fan questions about Invade, which was announced as part of the Toronto International Film Festival lineup. Little plot information came with the reveal, and Moore acknowledged that he’s purposely kept quiet, in part to help production run smoothly.

“[The film has] a small crew because we have to be able to move at a moment’s notice, usually someone chasing us,” Moore said of the filming process, explaining that he and his crew worked to gather footage on three continents. That crew is made up of people Moore has worked with on previous projects, including Bowling for Columbine, Capitalism: A Love Story, and more.

Moore said that the idea of America perpetrating an “infinite war … provides the necessary satire for this film, and you’ll see that when you see the movie,” as well as the “constant need to have an emeny … so we can keep our whole military industrial complex alive and keep the companies that make a lot of money for us in business.”

The director opened up the Periscope session by greeting fans and saying “hello to my NSA friends who are watching right now,” which he gave as one of the reasons why he’s been so reticent to say too much about the film until its reveal.

Watch Moore’s Periscope session below to hear him say more about the film, which he describes as “epic in nature,” and his filmmaking ideals at large, both for this project and his previous documentaries.

Where to Invade Next
2015 movie
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