By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated July 29, 2015 at 12:25 PM EDT
Credit: Comedy Central

Senioritis has firmly set in for Jon Stewart, whose last episode of The Daily Show airs Aug. 6. But has the same set in for President Barack Obama?

That’s the question Larry Wilmore asked on Tuesday’s The Nightly Show, inviting Stewart to offer his own opinion on the matter given his new title of senior “Don’t Give a S— Anymore” correspondent. To illustrate how very few cares Stewart has left to give, Wilmore pointed out Monday’s Daily Show segment when Stewart reacted to Mike Huckabee’s comments about the Iran deal without speaking a single word.

For what it’s worth, Stewart does not think that Obama is in “‘do not care’ mode” — he’s in “‘I’m gonna build me a library with my name on it’ mode.” Of course, Stewart may be biased — the comedian joked that when he visited the White House, he and Obama just hung out, ate nachos and watched King Ralph: “I’m pretty sure I was there because he’s run out of people to watch King Ralph with.”

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