By James Hibberd
Updated July 29, 2015 at 03:35 PM EDT
Credit: Fred Norris/Cinemax

Cinemax is definitely ending Banshee. The drama will return for its fourth and final season next year, but the show is over after that, Cinemax confirmed Wednesday after reports circled of the series’ demise.

Banshee strived to help put HBO’s sister network on the map for original programing, yet struggled to attract a broad audience. “Banshee is a unique and compelling show that helped set high standards for original programming for Cinemax,” said HBO programming president Michael Lombardo. “The show’s execeptional blend of action and drama earned a vocal and passionate fan base that will not be disappointed in Banshee’s final season.”

The show’s final eight episodes which will launch in January, with actress Eliza Dushku coming on board.