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Because season 5 of Teen Wolf has been incredibly grim — and because Monday’s episode, in particular, broke our hearts into one million pieces — we decided to resurface a story from our Summer TV preview issue which never made its way online, so that we may remember happier times. Times when we learned that Tyler Posey hits on Dylan O’Brien more than anyone else on set. Times when we learned that Jenna Jameson follows Posey on Twitter. This story originally appeared in the June 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly. Enjoy!

When season 5 of Teen Wolf, MTV’s lycanthro-soap, returns to the small screen, the wolf pack will be facing the looming threat of high school graduation — alongside the usual threats of mysterious, malevolent, trying-to-kill-everyone villains.

But in real life, the show’s stars are teens no more. So you don’t need to tell the cops that Entertainment Weekly grabbed drinks in Hollywood with lead actors Tyler Posey, 23, Dylan O’Brien, 23, and Holland Roden, 28. As they settled in to play a quick game of beer pong, it was easy to see how the actors have grown into their characters in the half decade since they first met. Posey, who plays alpha wolf Scott, frequently launches into riff-offs with pal O’Brien, who plays Scott’s best friend, Stiles, on the show (when he’s not maze running on the big screen). Roden, who plays Lydia Martin, a whip-smart onetime queen bee-turned-brave wolf-pack ally, matches the boys’ one-liners and antics gag for gag — probably because she wisely chooses to sip from a smaller glass of beer than everyone else.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Drinking with Teen Wolf would’ve been illegal a couple of years ago. Did you celebrate your 21st birthdays together?

TYLER POSEY: We all went to Vegas for my birthday!

DYLAN O’BRIEN: One of the darkest weekends of our lives.

HOLLAND RODEN: I was the only girl.

POSEY:Do you remember when I hit on you?

RODEN: Tyler makes every girl feel really beautiful, because he’s always hitting on us.

Dylan, has Tyler ever hit on you?

O’BRIEN: Me more than anyone.

POSEY: I kiss him all the time.

RODEN: Lydia hits on everybody. I make out with more people on this show than anybody.

POSEY: Lydia the character is a lot like Tyler Posey in real life.

RODEN: What’s my count?

O’BRIEN: It’s probably on a Tumblr somewhere.

RODEN: [Counting] Scott, Stiles under a weird circumstance, Aiden, Jackson, Peter Hale…a new person this season. I think it’s been six or seven. That’s by far the highest count of everybody.

O’BRIEN: Why was it a weird circumstance?

POSEY: It was a beautiful circumstance!

RODEN: Stiles was having a panic attack. It was a medical crisis.

POSEY: “He looks like a dead fish.” Have you seen The Sandlot?

That came out when I was a kid.

POSEY: Dylan and I were both born in the ’90s!

Holland, did they ever ask you to buy alcohol for them?


POSEY: Of course! Who else bought alcohol for us? Wait, is this illegal?


Tyler, when you were just starting out as an actor, you worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

POSEY: I was 8! I worked with the former governor of California. Wait, is he still the governor? I’m not a political guy.

RODEN: Have you all seen Pumping Iron? He hits on everything that moves.

POSEY: I have to get this out there: Jenna Jameson followed me on Twitter.

RODEN: [Audibly gasps]

O’BRIEN: Me, too.

RODEN: Both of you? Both of you? BOTH OF YOU?

POSEY: I tweeted at her, like, “I’m gonna flirt with you!” And she’s like, “Bring it on, cutie!”

What was it like when you guys were getting to know each other, back when you were filming the pilot?

O’BRIEN: I’ll never forget the first thing Tyler said to me: “Do you guys know where the bathroom is?”

POSEY: I play guitar. He plays drums. We hit it off within 15 seconds of knowing each other. He reminded me of me.

RODEN: The yin and the yang.

POSEY: I guess, yeah! We’re yin and yang together! Like, I’m yin and yang, and you’re yin and yang.

RODEN: What they experienced, I watched them experience. “Yo, bro! You wanna skate?” “Yeah. You wanna jam later?” ” ‘kay, cool. You guys goin’ out?” “F— that. You wanna play video games?” I’ve seen them grow up.

Besides more growing up, what’s coming up for everyone this season?

POSEY: Season 5 brings Scott back to the vulnerable state that he was in in season 1.

RODEN: I’m a ninja this season. I finally get to show off my stage-combat skills.

O’BRIEN: More human stuff. I represent the human being on the show.

POSEY: This season is the goriest season that we have ever had! Heads being ripped off. Guts everywhere. Black blood being vomited all over the place.

O’BRIEN: [Motions toward a group of people who just entered the bar] Yes! Yes! Yes!

POSEY: Oh my God. Dylan just saw his buddy Ki Hong [Lee], who’s in Maze Runner with him. I’m really nervous to meet him.

O’BRIEN: I’ve told you so much about him.

POSEY: I’m starstruck.


Did you guys ever watch the original Teen Wolf?

RODEN: Yes! We had a screening.

More important, did you have a screening of Teen Wolf Too?

O’BRIEN: We had a cool little interaction with Jason Bateman.

POSEY:It was either for the MTV Movie Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, or the VMAs.

O’BRIEN: We went up to him and were like, “Hey, man. You’re awesome. We love you. We’re in the new Teen Wolf.” He was so nice to us. Then the show started. He came up to present. Me and Tyler had been drinking.

POSEY: We were, like, 19. This was in our stage of sneaking alcohol. We were just excited! We were in Teen Wolf!

O’BRIEN: So he’s presenting…

POSEY: …he’s on stage, a hundred feet from me…

O’BRIEN:…he starts reading the teleprompter…


O’BRIEN: And T-Pose goes, “Teen Woooolf!”

RODEN: Oh, no.

POSEY: “Teen Woooolf Toooooo!” I felt like he hated me.

RODEN: He needs to direct more things. I liked Bad Words.

POSEY: Bad Words was great! Did you watch the newest season [of Arrested Development] on Netflix? I couldn’t get into it. It felt really bitter.

RODEN: Is that what the new Comeback is like too? I’m still on the old Comeback.

O’BRIEN: I love The Comeback.

RODEN: I do too! Everyone else thinks it’s really depressing.

O’BRIEN: It’s so realistic.

RODEN: In this business, if you take yourself seriously, it’s really not going to be pleasant. Unless you’re British. Then you can take yourself seriously.

Is it harder for American actors? British people are taking all our superheroes.

POSEY: We’ve had them for long enough. We can share!

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This story originally appeared in the June 12 issue of the Entertainment Weekly.

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