By Jessica Goodman
July 28, 2015 at 03:20 PM EDT
Jennifer Lourie/Getty Images

Jewel’s hands have been busy these days. (Sorry, we had to!) The singer-songwriter announced Tuesday that her new album, Picking Up The Pieces, will debut Sept. 11 via Sugar Hill Records. The title is a clear homage to her first album, Pieces of You, which came out 20 years ago.

“This is just me. These are my thoughts. These are my feelings. This is my poetry,” said Jewel, who self-produced the 14-track record. “It really felt like returning to a part of me that I didn’t mean to lose, but with time and relationships and life and surviving and dealing, you take on new things and not all of them are great.”

She continued, “I was trying to keep my mind quiet and honestly get back to something I feel like I’d lost touch with in my life. It was really an exercise in shutting out fear. I was giving myself permission to be exactly who and what I was.”

Earlier this year, Jewel spoke to EW‘s Kyle Anderson about the making of Piece of You, and talked about working on this album. “It’ll be a pretty simple raw folk album,” she said. “It doesn’t have anything commercial on it. It’s a folk record, a singer-songwriter’s record. It probably won’t have a single. It’s very emotional.”

She also spoke about working on the album without her first producer, the late Ben Keith, who worked on Pieces Of You. “I’m sad Ben isn’t here to be on it with me, but I used a lot of the crew from Pieces of You. If you like incredibly non-commercial folk music, you might like it.”

See the album cover:

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