It is every man’s dream to embark on a tour of roadside attractions prior to becoming a homeowner with their longtime girlfriend. And even if it isn’t, that is exactly the plan of the lead character in the new, SXSW-screened road movie Big Significant Things, which debuted in cinemas and on VOD July 24.

Written and directed by Bryan Reisberg, the film stars Harry Lloyd (a.k.a. Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones) as a character named Craig who, per the official synopsis, “decides that now may be his last chance to go on that road trip he’s never taken. Instead of spending the week house-hunting in San Francisco with his girlfriend and her parents, Craig lies about a sudden work trip and hits the road by himself. However, as he ventures farther south, Craig encounters unexpected detours that threaten to steer him off-course.”

You can see an exclusive clip from Big Significant Things above and the film’s trailer, below.