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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Scream. Read at your own risk!

Scream may have just tipped its hand on the identity of the killer — though knowing this franchise’s penchant for red herrings, take the following with a grain of salt.

In the wake of Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) first time being released on tape — and, you know, her friends being slaughtered one-by-one — Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) tried to comfort her by offering up some relatable experiences during Tuesday’s episode: Piper’s father was killed when she was younger, and the police don’t seem to care to find out who murdered him.

Hmm, that’s an odd tidbit to drop. But maybe it’s actually a giant clue as to her identity. Roll with us for a second here because we’ve either gone off the deep end when it comes to theories, or this seems totally plausible: Piper’s father is Brandon James. Not only would this would explain her fascination with real-life crime stories, but also why she’s so invested in the story of this town in particular.

Maybe Daisy, a.k.a. Emma’s mother Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), is actually her mother — the mother who gave her up for adoption because she didn’t want to keep the product of a killer around? And now Piper’s killing off her half-sister’s friends as recompense for the loss of her father and, in turn, a normal childhood, all culminating in the death of Emma. However, you know the heroine never dies in the story, so really the Sarah Koenig-wannabe will end up ultimately dying in some ridiculously over-the-top fashion that includes being shot, hit by a car, and eventually decapitated — because unless you decapitate them, the killer is never truly dead.

Sound crazy? Or crazily true? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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