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If you’ve ever felt the compulsion to exclaim, “Yeah, coffee!” in the vein of Jesse Pinkman, you may want to consider reducing your daily caffeine intake. Better yet, you may want to book your tickets to Istanbul, as someone has built a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop.

Contemporist recently featured Walter’s Coffee Roastery, while BuzzFeed spoke with the founders of the Istanbul cafe, which opened in March. The shop, according to its founder, takes great pains to ensure the shop is not using copyrighted materials from the Emmy-winning drama, but rather building aspects inspired by it.

Walter’s Coffee hits on a number of the most recognizable elements of the show, from a brewing system and set of uniforms reminiscent of what Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used and wore to cook their meth. There’s also food on the menu that Walt Jr. would happily approve of, as well as blue meth-inspired dessert treats.

According to BuzzFeed, there are plans to expand the shop into other countries, including America. In the meantime, check out a few pictures from the shop below, and head over to its official Instagram page to see even more.

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