Credit: Discovery

Just when they thought it was safe to declare a myth “busted,” Adam and Jamie are going back in the water.

Ten years after taking on Jaws, Discovery’s Mythbusters will revisit Steven Spielberg’s summer classic as part of its post-Shark Week coverage, EW learned exclusively.

In a “Mythbusters vs. Jaws” special airing Aug. 29, the duo determine whether shooting a scuba tank with a bullet would actually make it explode. This was a myth busted by the show a decade ago, but viewers have long claimed their methodology was incorrect. So for the 40th anniversary of Jaws, the MythBusters team are back to test new ideas from the film — and tackle this classic scene in a different way. Other tests include attempting to find out if the sounds of Orcas and the smell of dead sharks repel sharks.

Shark Week 2015 was the network’s highest-rated Shark Week in the event’s 28 year history in prime-time among certain demos (like adults 25-54).

Here’s a clip from the special—part of Discovery’s “Shweekend” weekend of additional shark programming to end the summer—which explains why fans thought they got it wrong the first time: