By Andrea Towers
Updated July 27, 2015 at 02:50 PM EDT
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Adapting a popular video game into a movie sounds like it would be an easy task. But for the stars of Hitman: Agent 47, there was more at stake than just transferring characters and an already established world onto the screen.

“We are aiming for a kind of reboot of the whole world of 47 — something more gritty,” star Rupert Friend told EW at Comic-Con, referencing the 2007 film that starred Timothy Olyphant. “I wanted something that was very understandable to me, because I don’t know the first film. This world has been built by the gamemakers so brilliantly that it felt like we want to add to it than just portray it.”

Friend, along with co-star Hannah Ware, stopped by Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con lounge where they talked about their characters, their Comic-Con experiences from past years… and how they would deal with zombies in the Jane Austen era, given Friend’s experience with action-based roles.

“I love the stealth thing,” said Friend, speaking of his character. “The smarts: steal someone’s clothes but then steal them in front of someone who’s going to know, hiding the thing so that someone doesn’t see it … all of that stuff is where 47 is superb.”

Hitman: Agent 47

2015 movie
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