'Quay' will reveal 'the inner workings' of unique stop-motion animators
Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon

Christopher Nolan’s next film won’t be an expensive blockbuster like The Dark Knight or Inception. His next project is much smaller in scope — and much shorter.

The director will debut a short film based on the work of Stephen and Timothy Quay, twin brothers who are masters of stop-motion animation. Simply titled Quay, Nolan’s film, which “reveals the inner workings of the Brothers’ studio [in London],” will premiere Aug. 19 at the Film Forum series honoring the twins in New York.

Nolan is curating the Film Forum series, “The Quay Brothers — In 35MM,” which will include screenings of In Absentia (2000), The Comb (1991), and Street of Crocodiles (1986). Nolan and the Quay brothers will be in attendance for a Q&A following the world premiere of Quay. Tickets are already available.