Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Former Brat Pack-er Andrew McCarthy is getting back to his adolescence. Algonquin Young Readers announced Monday that the actor will release his debut novel, Just Fly Away, in Spring 2017.

The book will follow 15-year-old Lucy Willows, who discovers that her father has an eight-year-old son, Thomas, from an affair. They live in the same New Jersey suburb, and according to the book description, she begins to question everything in her life.

“I’m delighted to have my debut novel land at Algonquin, a house that has a great reputation for not just publishing great books, but also nurturing books and authors both at launch and over a lifetime,” McCarthy said in a statement. Elise Howard, the book’s editor and Algonquin publisher, also said, “Perhaps not surprisingly, what struck me first about Andrew’s work was his strong sense of character and his keen ear for voice. I was thrilled to see him bring these qualities to an original and timeless story that involves family, friendship, and first love, and what happens to all of them when one is turned upside down.”

Though this is his first novel, McCarthy had previously written a New York Times-bestselling memoir, The Longest Way Home. Best known for his roles in films like Pretty in Pink and Less Than Zero, McCarthy recently directed episodes of TV shows like Orange Is The New Black and The Blacklist. He’ll soon star in ABC’s new show, The Family.