July 24, 2015 at 12:40 PM EDT

This week on Twitter, everything happened.

On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj expressed her frustration with a lack of VMA nominations for her video for “Anaconda,” tweeting that women like herself aren’t as recognized for their efforts in music as “other” women with “slim bodies.”

Taylor Swift, who received several nominations for “Bad Blood,” took this as a subtweet and entered the ring, tweeting at Nicki that it was unlike her to “pit women against each other.” Nicki was confused, given that she was talking about a larger systemic issue and not directing any of her tweets toward the artists who did receive nominations. (“Huh? You must not be reading my tweets. Didn’t say a word about you. I love you just as much. But you should speak on this.”)

Then, Katy Perry weighed in, writing that it was “ironic” to “parade the pit women against other women argument” given that “one unmeasurably capitalizes on the takedown of a woman.” For those not up on their celebrity beef, “Bad Blood” is (allegedly) about Taylor’s (alleged) feud with Katy.

On Thursday, Taylor apologized to Nicki for misreading the situation and Nicki magnanimously accepted her apology almost immediately. 

If this is all a little difficult to follow, Jimmy Kimmel broke it down on Thursday’s installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, concluding, “And then my 14-year-old niece, Allison, exploded.” (Same.)

Kimmel did leave out one important entry into the beef arena, however. Camilla Belle, about whom Taylor (allegedly) wrote the song “Better Than Revenge,” tweeted in reply to Katy’s subtweet on Thursday, writing, “Couldn’t have said it better…”


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