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What is up with the constant belching of mad scientist Rick on Adult Swim’s sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty (premiering July 26 at 11:30pm)? Is co-creator Justin Roiland (who voices the titular characters) worried about gastrointestinal damage? Let’s ask!

ENTERTAINMEMT WEEKLY Why does Rick burp so much?

JUSTIN ROILAND: In 2006, or something, I was recording the voices for this short The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. I was having fun doing these really crappy Doc Brown and Marty McFly impressions. During the middle of a line a burp came out naturally. It was just so funny and gross. I was like, “Well, let’s see if I can do that again for a couple more lines.” Then, with Rick and Morty, Dan (Harmon, the show’s co-creator) was like, “Hey, Adult Swim wants to do a show, do you have any ideas?” I said, “Well, what about these two voices?” Right out of the gate, the burping was part of it.

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How do you record the burping?

I’m not a big burper. It’s not easy for me to do. Ironically, Sarah Chalke (who voices Rick’s daughter, Beth) can burp on command. She’s incredible. I’m so jealous of her. I have to sit there with a low-calorie beer and a bottle of water and wait for it to work its way up. I tell the engineer that records the show, “Just leave it rolling, because I don’t know when this burp is coming!” It’s a disgusting process.

Are you worried that this forced burping might be causing physiological damage?

That’s a really good point. I should probably talk to a doctor.

Have you considered changing things up and having Rick fart?

Oh, no. The fart thing is just a step too far.

You can see the trailer for the new season of Rick and Morty below.

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