'If ghostbusters weren't really ghostbusters, but con artists,' duo says at VidCon.


A female-led Ghostbusters may already be in the works, but what if “ghostbusters weren’t really ghostbusters, but con artists”?

YouTube duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs — very popularly known as Jack & Dean — attempt to answer that exact question in their latest project, Ghost Fighting Corporation, which has the support of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard.

When People caught up with the duo on Friday at VidCon, they talked about the enormous pressure they felt putting together the pilot, which is available on their YouTube channel now.

“You know when a band records a rather difficult second album?” Dobbs said Friday at VidCon. “That was like this, except the first time doing it.”

The guys also picked their dream cast, including Daniel Radcliffe and Christopher Lloyd. To catch their full interview, head over to People.