UPDATE: Or is it?

By Darren Franich
July 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Zade Rosenthal

UPDATE: James Gunn has since deleted his tweet about Joe and Anthony Russo not being on Twitter. So maybe they are?

EARLIER: So here is what happened:

1. On July 7, the Twitter account @Russo_Brothers started posting bizarre, inscrutable photographs. Because “The Russo Brothers” is internet shorthand for Joe and Anthony Russo — directors of the upcoming Captain America 3: Spider-Man Reborn, the further upcoming Avengers 3: Part One, and the ultimately upcoming Avengers 3: The Final Chapter — the internet began decoding these images for clues about next year’s Captain America movie.

2. The images hinted at the appearance of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and beloved comic-book icon StaticScratch the Splotchburster. Also, something called “The Sokovia Accords.” Which is a reference to the country in Avengers: Age of Ultron. (No, that country wasn’t Serbia. It just looked like Serbia, and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were both doing bad Serbian accents.)

3. Some people naturally assumed that these tweets constituted the first official look at the new Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and StaticScratch the Splotchburster, and that all those characters would factor into the next Captain America movie, which is currently filming with a cast that includes every Avenger besides Thor. And that one guy from The Incredible Hulk. Not you, Edward Norton, never you. They’ll bring Bana back before you.

4. Alas, cruel reality! Guardians of the Galaxy director and lead Marvel Studios social media manager James Gunn sent through a tweet this morning, claiming that the account did not belong to the actual Russo Brothers.

Note, however, that Gunn specifically mentions that this information is “according to Joe,” which could mean that Anthony Russo has gone rogue with his own viral social-media campaign.

Or Gunn could be perpetuating some deeper mystery about the Twitter account. Like, why does he specifically say “nor will they ever”? Could it be that the Russo Brothers in the present day don’t have a Twitter account, and @Russo_Brothers is tweeting from the future, and this is all a long-con for the revelation that the bad guy in Infinity War isn’t Thanos at all, but Kang the Conqueror?

Anyhow, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange will both appear in some movie or other, probably looking the way Spider-Man and Doctor Strange usually look. There are no plans for a Staticscratch the Splotchburster film, but they’ll get around to that before Black Widow.