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Each week Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events on Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There have been some Big Brother casts from the past that may not have been as open to the experience of playing this game and living with a transgender woman, but this cast had no issues with that whatsoever. As host, how nice was it to see that acceptance?

JULIE CHEN: Seeing that acceptance was beautiful. I think, and I HOPE we are living in a time when those past BB casts would have been open and accepting too. If not, part of why I think our cast was so accepting was because of their youth. It tends to be the older generation of HGs that were raised during a different time that makes it harder for them to accept right off the bat. But what we have found is that most, if not all of these older HGs who tell us during the interview process that they are against certain groups, then change their mind after a summer of Big Brother.

Although Audrey showed remarkable courage in going on national television to share her story and become the first transgender contestant ever, she also became the first player to ever skip the Veto ceremony and refused to follow the Have Nots eating rules, resulting in an extra penalty vote against her. How much did that disappoint you considering how many thousands of people would do anything to play this game?

It didn’t disappoint me at all. Audrey made the right choice. She put taking care of her soul ahead of the game. She also knew one more vote for eviction against her was not going to tip the balance.

We saw Audrey in the diary room for five hours before the eviction ceremony. What was happening in there and how concerned were you all that she would quit before being voted out?

In terms of what was going on in there? How much time do you have? Seriously though, I was not all that concerned she would self-evict. People have to do what’s right for them as a human being first and game second. That being said, I am glad she didn’t. I think she would have regretted making that history as well where people would have been able to call her a quitter. She did an amazing interview with me afterwards and was self-reflective. I hope she and all our houseguests take their time in there as a growing experience where they learn more about themselves.

Who has impressed you the most gameplay-wise so far this season?

Gameplay-wise I am most impressed by Vanessa. She is laser-focused and doesn’t let her emotions get the most of her. Or at least not to a point where it hurts her game. She is in there to win and spends her time wisely.

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