The former guitarist from metal band After the Burial, Justin A. Lowe, died this week. He was 32 years old.

Lowe’s identity was confirmed on Wednesday, according to, which was the first outlet to report the news. A hiker found his body beneath the Arcola High Bridge near Stillwater, Minnesota and Somerset, Wisconsin.

St. Croix County Chief Deputy Scott Knudson told RiverTowns that Lowe’s death was “consistent with a fall.” Knudson also said Lowe had been reported missing on July 18. The Sheriff’s office confirmed the report to Billboard.

“Our lives are forever changed today,” Lowe’s former bandmate Dan Carle posted on Facebook. “I’m so very sorry Justin may you rest easy now my friend. Our thoughts belong with him and his family.”

Lowe quit After the Burial earlier this year in a note on Facebook, listing his reasons for leaving, which included conspiracy theories. After his announcement, the band posted a lengthy note to fans on the its Facebook page, explaining his absence.

“Our dear friend, our brother onstage and off, has fallen into a very broken state of mind,” the band wrote. “A state that, despite our continued efforts, we have been powerless to get him out of.” The note also mentions that after leaving the band, Lowe disappeared for a day.

“Justin is ill, and right now he needs more than ever to be shown that the world is not against him,” the post continued. “He needs support and love from everyone, and to know that we only want what’s best for him. We will continue to support him and his family as best we can through this tough time.” Lowe’s original post has since been taken down.