By Christopher Rosen
Updated July 23, 2015 at 01:02 PM EDT

Jon Stewart didn’t dedicate an entire segment to Donald Trump on Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Show. Instead, the outgoing host used his opening salvo to explain why focusing attention on Trump instead of bigger issues — like the recent Iran nuclear deal — is harmful for everyone.

“His campaign has captured America’s inability to turn away from spectacular, man-made disasters. But at what price?” Stewart said. “As our good friend Maximus once said, ‘Are you not entertained?’ Of course we are, but much like incessant masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame. Not enough to stop you from doing it entirely, but enough to slow you down a bit — and if that gives the online porn sites a chance to rotate the video stock, all the better. My point is this: Our incessant Trump gazing has caused us to miss important non-Trump news.”

Good to keep in mind for the future. Watch Stewart discuss the Iran deal below.