By Samantha Highfill
Updated July 23, 2015 at 06:39 PM EDT

The first full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 presents viewers with a glimpse at the good and the bad that’s to come in the series’ final installment, from new characters to the many deadly traps that President Snow has planted around the crumbling Capitol.

The latest clip, however, focuses more on the bad. We’re talking reptilian mutts, even more deadly traps, and the parachutes that will change Katniss’ life.

Let’s talk about all of the above — and more — with a deep dive:

Establishing shot: The Capitol, slightly burning. Either early morning or early evening.

Prey: President Snow. Because he’s the worst.

Predator: Katniss Everdeen. Because she’s the best.

Wow, this guy really takes his name literally.

The world might be burning to the ground, but at least chivalry’s not dead!

You really have to feel bad for the white rose, what with all these movies have done to its reputation.

Either she’s once again looking at crazy Peeta, or this still is from the end of the film. (Book readers know why.)

Cue the motivational speech from Commander Paylor of District 8. For the first time in history, all 13 districts will stand together…

Katniss and Gale are in.They’re so sick of having to dress like this.

Plutarch? Check.

Effie? Fairly useless in times of war, but still, she’s in.

Haymitch? Where there’s booze war, there’s Haymitch.

Isn’t the symbolism beautiful? The future is bright!

Katniss’s field of dream (to kill Snow).

Time to march on the Capitol.

Oh, but p.s.: This city is seriously booby trapped.

Told ya.

Let’s maybe find another way in?

“Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.” Thanks, Finnick. Happy to be here.

Did we mention booby traps?

But Katniss is marching anyway. (How could she not with that lighting?)

And she’s got (untrained) back-up.

The always helpful Gale telling Katniss — who is under enough pressure — to make their one shot “count.” More importantly, everyone say hello to Tigris’ back!

Booby trap number 1,000 = tar.

“Nothing good is safe while he’s alive.” Translation: Prim isn’t safe until Snow is dead.

We’re going to need a lot more of these to take down the Capitol, guys.

Katniss and Coin, preparing for war. As Queen Bey says: Who run the world? Girls.


Our first glimpse at the sewers that the team uses to move around. It’s a good thing Peeta’s short. (As for the restraints, just remember what Peeta did the last time he saw Katniss.)

Here, we meet Jackson, otherwise known as Boggs’ second in command.

Hey, nobody said this was going to be a pretty battle. (But isn’t it though?)

This is how Snow wages war. Stay classy, you horrible man, you.

Please don’t let that be sewer water. Please don’t let that be sewer water.

Finnick vs. Mutt: Part 1

Advantage: Finnick

Just blowing up tunnels, as one does during times of war.

Katniss > Mutt

Brief half-second break to remind us all that this movie also has a wedding and isn’t 100 percent depressing.

Break over, back to guns and violence and death.

Clearly Coin really enjoys being in the trenches with her troops.

Wearing a hood is Katniss’ definition of undercover.

Okay, from the first few movies, everyone should recognize these parachutes as good things. They typically carry food and medicine and help, hence people reaching out so eagerly for them.

So odds are, they’re a good thing. Right? RIGHT?!

Even the floors are evil.

But not as evil as his stupid face.

We’re back in the sewer with Jackson and I’m now convinced that Katniss swallowed sewer water earlier.

War has not been nice to Johanna.

War really does bring out the ugly side of people.

As Katniss describes the mutts in the book: “A mix of human and lizard and who knows what else. White, tight reptilian skin smeared with gore, clawed hands and feet, their faces a mess of conflicting features.”

Please don’t be someone we like.

No matter who wins the war, Tigris — a former stylist for the Hunger Games — wins at life. #fierce

Let’s just say that Peeta hasn’t completely gotten over the Capitol’s brainwashing, so when he starts to lose it, there’s only one thing that can pull him back: A kiss from the woman he loves.

Game. On.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 hits theaters Nov. 20.

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