The rap also included shots at Donald Trump & Bill Cosby
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Eminem took on Donald Trump and Bill Cosby in a six-minute freestyle rap that also included references to violence against Miley Cyrus and a transphobic slur about Caitlyn Jenner.

“I’m f–ked worse than Donald Trump / On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in a McDonald’s drunk,” Eminem rapped in the freestyle on Thursday’s Sway in the Morning radio show.

“I made monopoly off misogyny,” he added at the end of the freestyle before making reference to the sexual assault claims against Cosby. “No wonder you scoff at me, it’s obvious I’m as off-putting as Bill Cosby is / Treat women like property, possessive like a noun with an apostrophe.”

“I’m coming through like a wrecking ball / You would swear I think highly of Miley / And I respect her the way I backhand her,” he rapped (with “backhand” sounding like “back Hannah,” Cyrus’ erstwhile alter-ego).

“I invented prick, and that’s a true statement, I see the b-tch in you, Caitlyn / Keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d–k,” he rapped, before pausing to add: “No disrespect though, not at all, no pun intended, that took a lot of balls.”

Afterward, Eminem said the freestyle was spontaneous and not intended as an insulting gesture. “I just say s–t to say it. It’s very rarely personal,” he said. “If it was personal, somebody would know. It’s all in fun.”

Listen to the NSFW freestyle below.