By Madison Vain
July 23, 2015 at 04:46 PM EDT

Scottish producer and label head Chris Lake has been occupying the top of the dance charts for nearly ten years. For his latest, he teamed up with relative newcomer, producer-DJ-songwriter-singer, Anna Lunoe.

“We were both in Vancouver,” Lake tells EW of how the two linked up originally. “We were playing separate events, but we were all at this same party. It turned out we had a lot of mutual friends and lived near each other and shared a lot of musical interests so I got in touch with her—actually I sent her some new music like 30 minutes after my set—and she said she wanted to get in the studio. So we did, and we made this record.”

What they made is a throwback to old rave tracks called “Stomper” and EW is premiering it exclusively below. “It really is a throwback,” Lake says of the retro-observation. “But it feels completely relevant to me. I think the unique part is its arrangement—it’s quite spacey in places.”

Spacey is right. In a landscape of almost claustrophobic builds and drops, “Stomper” remembers that air and even moments of silence or a breath is as much a note as anything. (Of that, Lake says, “I can imagine a lot of DJs editing those parts out live.”)

And as for the actual working with the Australian Lunoe, Lake beams, “We got in the studio right after Winter Music Conference and were both really inspired by music. And I just really loved Anna’s style of writing. It’s very simple but it’s super effective.”

“Stomper” is streaming below.

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