Credit: Larry Watson/Fox

Expect to see three more of The X-Files‘ usual suspects when the series returns in January.

The conspiracy theorist trio known as The Lone Gunmen will appear in Fox’s six-episode event series, EW has confirmed. The Gunmen, played by Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood, were EW’s pick for “who we hope to see” in this month’s X-Files cover story.

Haglund, who played Langly, first announced the news on Twitter.

The Lone Gunmen were fan favorites on the original series, even starring in a short-lived spin-off in 2001, but their characters met a bitter end toward the end of The X-Files‘ ninth season. (Then again, so did the Cigarette Smoking Man, and he’s also making a comeback.) It remains to be seen how the Gunmen will factor in to the revival, but the series could adhere to the official season 10 comics — executive-produced by series creator Chris Carter — in which they are revealed to have faked their deaths. If that’s the case, we think it’s “remotely plausible” that Mulder will be happy to see them.

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