By Eric Renner Brown
July 22, 2015 at 10:06 PM EDT
David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns file

A vocal cord hemmorhage forced pop singer Meghan Trainor to cancel tour dates earlier this month. “I promise I will make it up to my Megatronz,” Trainor wrote in an Instagram post explaining her decision to postpone dates in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Uncasville, Connecticut. “I have never missed a tour date before so this is killing me.” But she’s back on the road now and caught up with EW about the health scare and how she plans to adapt performing in the future to keep her pipes healthy.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling now that you’re on the mend? Are you excited to be performing again?

MEGHAN TRAINOR: This is the second time that I’ve ever been on complete vocal rest. After the seven days silent, I’ve found that my cords are still very tender and sore although they look much better. I’m slowly getting back into tour mode and getting stronger each day. I’m so excited to be back on tour!

What symptoms led you to seek care for your vocal cords? How did you determine how long to rest your voice?

Over a year ago, when I first signed my record deal, I had a hemorrhaging polyp which is very bad for vocal cords. Ever since that healed, I’ve been okay. Every now and then I will run into trouble, but never really this bad. I felt very sore while in rehearsals for tour. I’ve been on tour for the better part of this year which has been amazing, but can be a lot of work for my little vocal cords. They’re like muscles, and I feel like I basically pulled a muscle. During rehearsals I saw two doctors. The second doctor in New York told me he wanted me on complete vocal rest for 12 days—meaning [I had to] cancel everything. He was the deciding factor.

How has recovery been? Have you had to change the way you sing at all?

Once we postponed the tour I flew home for some recovery time. I spent the week resting and using my phone to communicate to my brother and managers. Since we started again I’ve been doing vocal warmups even on non-show days and seeing different doctors around the country to ensure my vocal cords are healthy. I am supposed to sing less during my shows and not speak at all during the day when I am not performing. But I can’t help to sing like I usually do in my shows especially when the crowd is extra pumped.

Will you be modifying your warm-ups and cool downs? Do you have to change your show in any way?

I’ve definitely been spending more time warming up each day. I FaceTime my vocal coach and ask other singers for advice. I’m trying to get my vocal strength back so we can complete this tour!

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