By Clark Collis
July 22, 2015 at 06:40 PM EDT

The new documentary Lost Soul details the making of 1996’s infamous Marlon Brando- and Val Kilmer-starring sci-fi fiasco The Island of Dr. Moreau in such an entertaining fashion that connoisseurs of trainwreck production stories may well be left wanting more. And more is very much what they will get with the film’s just-released Blu-ray. Goodies include more than an hour of interview outtakes with original director Richard Stanley and others, a Stanley-narrated gallery of concept art, and an audio reminiscence from horror icon Barbara Steele (the actress played the wife of Brando’s man-animal-making Moreau but was cut from the film after Stanley was replaced by John Frankenheimer).

Lost Soul is also being released as a three-disc set which features an unexpurgated reading of H.G. Welles’ original novel The Island of Dr. Moreau by Stanley and the recently discovered 1921 film The Island of the Lost, a slient-era adaptation of Welles’ tale. 

All versions of Lost Soul are available from the Severin Films website. You can see the trailer for the documentary and, exclusively, a bonus extra clip of Stanley recalling his pre-shoot meetings with Brando, below.