MTV announced this year’s Video Music Awards nominees Tuesday morning, but there were inevitably some stand-out clips missing from the list ranging. Where were accolades for Kanye West’s heartfelt “Only One” and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You,” which starred Tom Hanks by the way? Here are the videos EW hereby declares snubbed.

“Only One,” Kanye West

West’s “Only One” is a sweet and intimate ballad, and the minimalist Spike Jonze-directed music video perfectly reflects that: West and his daughter, North, wander around a foggy field hand-in-hand, all smiles. The entire three minutes is a departure from West’s usual spectacle — and also a reminder that he’s a real, feeling human. —Ariana Bacle

“I Really Like You,” Carly Rae Jepsen

Tom Hanks lip syncs to Jepsen’s latest hit in this video, which proves that Oscar-worthy acting and irresistible pop music are a better match than anyone could have known. Hanks’ presence alone is enough to make this video, but the final choreographed dance scene — complete with dramatic lighting and a mob of extras — brings it to a whole different, endlessly amusing level. —AB

“Break Free,” Ariana Grande

Grande’s space-themed “Break Free” video is pure B-movie fun thanks to Grande’s Barbarella-inspired outfits, cheesy special effects, and humorously creepy aliens. —AB

“Señorita,” Vince Staples

The fact that Vince Staples’ “Señorita” didn’t get nominated for at least Best Hip-Hop is sort of astounding to me. It’s so awesome — cinematic, gorgeous, and creepy in a way that sort of reminds me of the first season of True Detective. It’s better than every clip in the hip-hop category not named “Alright.” —Kyle Anderson

“Bitch I’m Madonna,” Madonna

Madonna’s answer to Taylor Swift’s star-studded “Bad Blood” music video was “Bitch I’m Madonna” featuring recognizable faces like Nicki Minaj (who also contributes a verse), Miley Cyrus, Diplo, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Kanye West. Beyond its A-list cameos, “Bitch I’m Madonna” is a crazy-colorful romp that transports you straight to Madonna’s firework-heavy, confetti-covered party. —AB

“She’s Not Me,’ Jenny Lewis

Before Lewis was a musician, she was a little girl appearing in movies and TV shows including like Troop Beverly Hills and Golden Girls — and the Rilo Kiley frontwoman reminded everyone of her acting past with this whimsical video, which features Lewis with funny friends Vanessa Bayer, Zosia Mamet, and Fred Armisen. —AB

“Irresistible,” Fall Out Boy

While I love the clip for “Uma Thurman,” the video that Fall Out Boy made for “Irresistible” is so fantastically bonkers that I can’t help but feel sad it got looked over. —KA

“Feeling Myself,” Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

Does anybody else think it’s weird that Beyonce’s “7/11” got all the love but “Feeling Myself,” which is a way more entertaining video, got snubbed? Maybe it was ignored because it remains really hard to, you know, actually watch? —KA