Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage

It appears the world will get to hear at least one more score from James Horner, the late composer who died in a plane crash last month. In an interview with NPR to promote his new film, Southpaw, director Antoine Fuqua shared a poignant memory with host Audrie Cornish that involved revealing Horner had produced music for Fuqua’s current project: a remake of the Western The Magnificent Seven.

Fuqua called Horner “a filmmaker through and through” while detailing how he secretly composed the score for the movie. “James was was an incredible human being,” he said. “He was a family man. He loved his children. He called me on a Saturday, after he watched the movie, and I said I don’t have any money because it wasn’t a big budget movie. And he said to me, I love the movie. I love the father-daughter relationship. Don’t worry about the money. I’m just going to do it.” Fuqua explained how Horner decided to do the score for nothing and then flew out to Baton Rouge, surprising him.

“I thought it was a gift or something,” said Fuqua. “And they all came out here and they said, Antoine, James wrote the music for Magnificent Seven already, and it’s just glorious. And that’s my memory of James.”