Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Idris Elba has been the public’s longstanding favorite to replace Daniel Craig and be the first black James Bond in franchise history. But A$AP Rocky has another star in mind: A$AP Rocky.

The rapper talked to Esquire U.K. about his future in acting. He appeared in the teenage hip-hop tale, Dope, as the drug-peddling Dom. But his ambitions go beyond portraying a dope boy.

“We need a black James Bond,” he said. “I’d get the job done and I’ll look better than any other Bond that has ever lived. All I need is a six-pack.”

A Bond has to know how to fight, naturally. Rocky shares his experience engaging in fisticuffs. “I’d been in a group fight… This kid pulled out a gun and was hitting people with the butt of it,” he said. “My worst injury was falling off my bike when I was 8. I chipped a tooth.”

Surely Craig’s fallen off a bike before. Maybe more important is Bond’s confidence — typically of the quiet brand. Rocky has the former, but could do with making it more assured and implicit:

“I’m too conceited. We don’t need the whole world to be full of themselves but it works for me,” Rocky said. “No one else looks like this. That’s what makes me so special.”

Let’s get Rocky an audition whenever the incumbent spy goes off the grid. At the very least, can he do the Spectre theme?