By Marc Snetiker
Updated July 17, 2015 at 07:25 PM EDT

On the grand list of things Americans find funny, poorly translated international movie titles fall somewhere on the ranking between No. 205 (comedies about mall cops) and No. 209 (Bones).

In truth, we laugh at what we don’t understand, and according to the wise lingual sages at Google Translate, there is plenty to laugh at when you plug in July’s big movies to the search engine’s half-accurate Rosetta pebble. Behold, your favorite movies of July and what they’re literally called in other countries, according to a scientific combination of IMDb and Google. You’ll note that titles like Ant-Man and Magic Mike XXL have largely gone unchanged around the world, perhaps for the better (The Man Keeping Company of Wasps! Boy Stripper Part Two!).

(Reminder: There is no margin for colloquialism. Before you comment, just remember who the true enemy is here: Google Translate.)


Vietnam: Emotional Pieces

Slovenian: The Hustle and Bustle In My Head

Portugal: Fun Mind

Poland: In My Head Does Not Fit

Russia: Puzzle

Germany: Everything Is Upside Down

Greece: The Minds That Carry


France: Hopeless Case, or Crazy Amy

Germany: Dating Queen

Italian: Disaster Girl

Finland: Just The Night

Polish: Derailed

Lithuanian: Without Brake

Russia: A Girl Without Complexes


Germany: Margo’s Footsteps


Brazil: Knockout

Greek: Left-Handed

France: Fury in the Belly, or Rabies Stomach


Brazil: Frustrating Holiday

Greece: Crazy Menagerie: The New Generation

Italy: How Do You Ruin The Holidays


France: Les Minions

(This isn’t actually that dramatic of a change, but didn’t you giggle?)