The electronic heavyweight premieres new music video and details upcoming album '7'

By Madison Vain
July 17, 2015 at 06:50 PM EDT

Electronic musician and sometimes-actor Paul Kalkbrenner is slowly rolling out material from his upcoming fourth full length, 7, due out Aug. 7. Today he dropped the album’s third tune, the super-lush “Feed Your Head”—which he dipped into the music history books to make, becoming the first person to sample Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 track “White Rabbit.” 

“I found it intriguing how far away the original sound is from my techno world, both in style and age,” the artist tells EW. “[And] of course, Grace Slick’s voice and the lyrics themselves are also iconic and incredible to work with. Plus, it’s the first time anyone was able to work with these parts, and that also is exciting.”

With the two prior shared tracks, he shared parts one and two of a video series called FLORIAN. The mini-saga, created by ad powerhouse Droga5, has followed our hero, a techno musician, on a mission to share his craft and love with the world. Along the way, however, it has been at times an isolating mission. As a German native who has played globally, the topic seemed like it might have originated somewhere very personal for Kalkbrenner.

When asked, he said, “Not exactly, but in a metaphorical way yes. It shows how difficult it can be to share what you love, when it is a ‘new thing‘ or an unknown thing. In this case electronic music. I know the U.S. has started to embrace commercial electronic music more now, and it seems there has been some trickle down into the underground, but techno was born in America, and was excluded for many years. It’s been a tricky relationship, whereas in Berlin, it was electronic music that really brought the city together when the Wall came down.”

(The photo above is of Kalkbrenner playing at the Berlin Wall, on the 25th anniversary of its fall, to 500,000 people.)

Part 3 dropped today with the song and in it, our hero finds a positive resolution, check it out—parts 1 and 2 are included below.

About the rest of the album, Kalkbrenner said: “Spring was the main inspiration or the motto behind the record, so to speak. There was supposed to be no boundaries or elitist thinking on the outcome. It was supposed to become a life embracing sound and album.” Pre-order for 7 is available on iTunes. Kalkbrenner is currently on tour, a list of dates can be found on his website