By Will Robinson
July 17, 2015 at 10:14 PM EDT

Future has already had a strong 2015 — he released two mixtapes, Beast Mode and 56 Nights — but now comes his new record, Dirty Sprite 2. The Atlanta rapper’s third studio album arrived Friday, the official follow-up to 2014’s sleek Honest.

It’s a 13-track affair, but 18 if you include the five extra cuts on the Deluxe Edition. “Blow a Bag” and “F–k Up Some Commas” have been out into the world, so here are five other tracks that are worth your time.

“I Serve The Base”

The fuzzy synth is the foundation of another Future drug ballad, but the beat’s aggression distinguishes it from the other tracks. “Thought It Was a Drought” is an energetic intro, but “Base” truly summons the MC and exhibits his control on a track.

“Where Ya At” (feat. Drake)

If there’s only one feature on the whole album, it might as well be Drake, right? It’s a typically strong Drizzy verse, talking ladies and even shouting out the 6. His flow is more prominent than Future’s Auto-Tune growl, but each have a strong presence.

“Slave Master”

No, this isn’t Future meditating on slavery. It’s an analogy for coasting in his new car and feeling better with weed. Embedded in the verses are a fiery rhythm and tributes to fallen friends, like O.G. Double and A$AP Yams. He tries hard to ignore the pain through self-medication, but it endures.


There’s a trend in the standout songs on DS2: each breaks from Future’s intentionally sleepy and low-key demeanor. “Colossal” deviates from that again, with quick spitting over flittering piano keys. With more songs like this about his stacks growing and growing, Future’s stacks will keep growing and growing.

“Blood on the Money”

The standard edition closes with somber resignation. Future and his friends deal drugs, and sometimes people died in the trade. It’s inescapable. But it’s integral to his character. No matter where he goes and success he earns, Future can’t forget his past.

You can listen to all of DS2 on streaming services (like Spotify, embedded below), and can buy it on iTunes.

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