Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Credit: Peter Mountain

J.K. Rowling’s big Twitter week continues. The Harry Potter author responded to Mic’s recent attempt to calculate the cost of Hogwarts tuititon with a brisk but definitive answer. Based on book evidence, Pottermore numbers and previous comments from Rowling, Mic predicted that Hogwarts must cost around $43,000 a year. No wonder Ron Weasley had to rely on hand-me-down clothes and supplies from his older siblings.

Rowling’s not having any of that, though. After a fan brought the article to her attention, Rowling responded that actually, Hogwarts is free, thanks to the Ministry of Magic.

Hogwarts students still have to pay for their own supplies, of course, if all those Diagon Alley scenes taught us anything, but maybe there’s even financial aid for those. The lesson, again, is never fret over asking Rowling your Harry Potter questions. She’ll probably answer.