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Chenbot, activate! Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen answers our burning questions about eviction night on the CBS show, which is back for a 17th season this summer.

Four votes for James! Do you think the houseguests are right or wrong to think he’s a threat?

The HGs are absolutely right to think James is a threat. He’s good at competitions, he’s likable, he’s funny and fun to be around, although his downfall might be that he’s too confident.

What do you think hurt Jeff’s game? He was booted on Thursday, but it was kind of hard to tell whether he was the right target.

I think the biggest thing that hurt Jeff’s game was his attraction to Liz. Austin was laser-focused on getting Jeff out of the picture. On top of that, Jeff trusted Austin and confided in him that he didn’t like Shelli being so close to Clay. He seemed to be proposing either an all-bro team and dumping Shelli or perhaps to dump both Shelli and Clay. Either way, this was the opening Austin needed to make Jeff look bad and get others to vote him out.

What do you think about Austin? Is he a good game player?

I am not sure if Austin is playing a good game. I am leaning towards no because he voted and played with his heart over his head. If he didn’t like Liz, he probably would have seen that James is the bigger threat in the game. Instead, he almost lost loyalty from Vanessa by advancing his own personal agenda. All this being said, if he doesn’t win the game but wins the girl in the end, he made the right choice. We have had people get married after meeting in the house!

Who is doing a great job at flying under the radar?

Steve is doing an amazing job of flying under the radar. No one is trying to use him as a pawn, no one sees him as a threat, no one is trying to talk game with him, and no one dislikes him. The moment I realized this kid has a shot was when he came into the diary room last night and said with glee in his eyes, “I vote to evict James!” That told me he knows James is the bigger threat in the house.

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