By Andrea Towers
July 16, 2015 at 02:36 PM EDT
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Daniel Radcliffe found out first hand how hard being a receptionist can be when he went undercover in a hidden camera prank, filling in for an hour unbeknownst to NYLON magazine staffers.

Proving that stars really are “just like us,” Radcliffe managed to go incognito until a few employees finally started to get the hint. The Harry Potter actor was more than game, posing for selfies and talking to fans, but once the real work started, things became a little more complicated.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Radcliffe admitted while he attempted to give out bathroom keys, find stamps, and deliver lunches. “Literally every person that passes through the door I’m thinking, don’t need to come in here, don’t need anything.” Most people were willing to give Radcliffe the benefit of the doubt when it came to learning the ropes, but there was one person that didn’t care for his mistakes — pop star Joe Jonas, who came in for a meeting and couldn’t seem to get any help from his fellow celebrity.

Maybe Radcliffe should stick to acting — unless he can summon a magic spell to learn how to work the front desk. 

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