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Right now, Star Wars fans are wondering: “Who is Tasu Leech?” But LEGO and Lucasfilm are probably asking: “Who got their hands on that LEGO box?”

As director J.J. Abrams carefully parcels out information about The Force Awakens, his ability to contain info about the ultra-secretive film is going to begin to escape his reach as a surfeit of consumer products will debut over the next few months.

One such leak occurred on Wednesday on the LEGO/Star Wars fansite From Bricks to Bothans, which acquired images of packaging for an upcoming Millennium Falcon playset. The item includes minifigs for Han Solo and Chewbacca, as well as new characters Finn, Rey, and BB-8, but it also shows off two never-before-scene characters: one an anonymous member of the Kanjiklub gang (whatever that is) and the other is a braided, bearded individual named “Tasu Leech.”

Assuming Tasu is associated with these Kanjiklub folks, it seems they have some hostility toward the crew of the Falcon. They’re running along the ground, blasting at it as it flies overhead.

Who plays Mr. Leech? That’s impossible to say. LEGO minifigs are known for approximating a character, but don’t capture much in the way of phyical resemblance. Entertainment Weekly did some hardcore investigative journalism, however, (scrolling randomly through The Force Awakens‘ IMDB page) and the actor who looks the most like Tasu is this gentleman: Yayan Ruhian, an Indonesian martial artist who co-starred in 2011’s The Raid: Redemption as the ruthless Mad Dog and 2014’s The Raid 2 as the machete-swinging henchman Prakoso.

Or … maybe it’s somebody else. This is LEGO news, folks. We’re just playing around.

Reps for Lucasfilm, LEGO and Ruhian did not immediately respond for comment.

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