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July 15, 2015 at 08:36 PM EDT

Hollywood’s lack of diversity in front of the camera is well documented (look no further than #OscarsSoWhite for a recent example). But thanks to a new video project called “Every Single Word,” it’s clearer than ever that a lot of films are really, really white — so much so, in fact, that if you were to cut them down to only words spoken by people of color, some would only be a few seconds long.

Which is exactly what actor and writer Dylan Marron has done. Marron has recut everything from Moonrise Kingdom to Her, and each video runs from about a minute to only seven seconds. 

It’s not like Marron is the first person to criticize Hollywood for its homogenous nature. Just  last month, Whoopi Goldberg submitted her résumé to Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson during a segment on The View, imploring him to hire more diverse actors. But it’s jarring to see some of these films reduced to only a few seconds, and one of the most interesting things about “Every Single Word” is the kinds of roles that the few people of color play: There are a lot of drivers, waiters, and secretaries.

Marron himself is best known for playing Carlos on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, but “Every Single Word” has garnered a fair amount of attention since its debut (everyone from Aziz Ansari to Junot Díaz have applauded the project). So far, “Every Single Word” already includes 14 videos, but it won’t take you that long to watch all 14, especially the videos for movies like Noah and Into the Woods. (Spoiler alert: They include nothing at all.)

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