Credit: Brownine Harris, Jordin Althaus/Fox

Can you imagine Ichabod Crane and Seeley Booth solving a mystery together? What about Dr. Temperance Brennan working with Abbie Mills?

Well, get ready to see exactly that. Because EW has learned that Fox is planning to make mind-bending crossover episodes between Sleepy Hollow and Bones!

That’s right, history-mining fantasy thriller Sleepy Hollow is being creatively meshed with the long-running crime-solving dramedy Bones to crossover characters. The crossover will be across two episodes, one on each show.

Initially, the idea was for planned to happen early this fall. Yet due to the complicated logistics involved, the crossover is now being planned for later in the 2015-16 season.

Story details, including which characters would appear in each episode, have not yet been disclosed—but the mind reels at the possibilities. Usually crossovers are done between very similar programs, often existing in the same storytelling universe — like among the NCIS or CSI franchises. Taking two very creatively different series and shuffling them together will likely be a must-watch experiment for fans of both.

The shows are airing back-to-back on Thursday nights this fall, making them partners on the schedule too. Bones and Sleepy Hollow return Thursday, Oct 1.