By C. Molly Smith
Updated July 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Vikings is still a ways out from its season 4 premiere, as the show is currently shooting. But even early on, Clive Standen, who plays formidable warrior Rollo, promises there’s even more action ahead.

“We’ve got the biggest boats battles,” Standen told EW of the upcoming season at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Bash on Saturday. “We’ve got capsized long boats, vikings fighting in the sea. It’s incredible stuff.”

The drama extends to Rollo, whose storyline will pick up right where it left off in season three. “Rollo got offered the land and the princess by Charles, and I don’t think he really thought about it that much,” Standen says. “It seems like a win-win scenario. He’s got nothing to go back for in Kattegat anymore.”

That said, Standen thinks Rollo might be in for a rude awakening where his new situation is concerned. “I don’t think he really realized that the French people, the last time they saw him he was the crazy bear with his top off ransacking Paris,” Standen says. “He thinks this is going to be an easy ride, and then we’ve all seen how he reacted to Gisla’s speech. He hasn’t got a clue. He doesn’t even speak the language. There’s no going back.”

Even so, Standen believes there are steps Rollo can take to succeed in Paris. “We’re going to see a completely different Rollo, if he’s ever going to conquer Paris and conquer the princess,” Standen says. “He has to be far more cerebral, he has to be on his A-game all the time, and his attitude to Ragnar has to change. He can’t always be in the doldrums of being this second-best brother that’s in the shadows.”

Standen concludes: “He’s been a man who thought, ‘Eventually I’ll come first—just trust the gods.’ I think he’s now realized, no one gives you anything in life. You have to take it.”