Who knew that an episode called 'Sonja Island' could be so meaningful?

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
July 14, 2015 at 08:03 PM EDT

Art takes many forms.

For Tumblr user adownpourofshelter — first name Aimee — art takes the form of a found word poem using quotes exclusively from a season 7 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City called “Sonja Island.”

In “Sonja Island,” the ladies of RHONY spend time on the beach and on a yacht. All the while, Bethenny “struts around in her bikini and a fedora like she’s solving sand crimes,” according to EW’s recap. Having never seen an episode of RHONY, that sounds about right, really.

Check out the poem below (note, however, that there is some NSFW language, because Aimee is not at the mercy of Bravo censors):


In the tags for the post, Aimee writes that the poem started off as a joke but that she ended up liking it, and why wouldn’t she? We’re not being facetious — this is legitimately one of the most inspired pieces of appropriated pop culture we’ve ever seen.

Found poetry is that which is composed from words and phrases found in another medium, and Aimee is not the first to find art in unlikely places. For example, Slate published found word poems in 2003 from speeches delivered by Donald Rumsfeld, creating art from the frustratingly vague.

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