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For fans of The O.C., The Unauthorized O.C. Musical means a chance to re-enter a world filled with newpsies, water polo, the world’s prettiest high schools, the world’s prettiest poolhouses, the world’s prettiest people … well you get the point.

We hopped on the phone to talk to the musical’s co-creators, Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin, about everything fans can expect. Here’s what we know:

The cast: The Flash’s Rick Cosnett as Sandy Cohen, Jersey Boys’ Drew Seeley as Luke Ward, Step by Step’s Christine Lakin as Kirsten Cohen, BuzzFeed editor Jarett Wieselman as show creator Josh Schwartz, The O.C.‘s Autumn Reeser as Julie Cooper, and — as we exclusively revealedPretty Little Liars‘ Brendan Robinson as Seth Cohen, Nashville‘s Tilky Jones as Ryan Atwood, Awkward‘s Greer Grammer as Summer Roberts, and Cruel Intentions The Musical‘s Molly McCook as Marissa Cooper.

Where/when: The Federal Bar in Los Angeles on Aug. 30.

The show will focus on the pilot: As Ross and Rosin explained, four seasons is a lot of material to work into an hour-and-a-half show, so with that in mind, they are working music from all four seasons into the show’s pilot. “We decided to go back to that moment where they first fell in love with the show and in order to build on that, we use music from all four seasons.”

What music will be included? Ross has been tweeting out a number of the songs that will be included in the musical. Here’s the list so far: “Forever Young,” “Paint the Silence,” “The Way We Get By,” “Strange and Beautiful,” and of course, “California.” But he also told us that Seth and Summer will be performing a duet of “Champagne Supernova.”

Why make it a musical? As Rosin told us: “My favorite drama teacher in high school used to say all the time, in a musical, the reason that people start singing is because the emotion just gets so heightened that they have to start singing. We’re dealing with characters in situations that are so emotionally heightened that singing is totally acceptable. You must start singing at this point in time. Music adds a whole new dimension.”

Jimmy Cooper will not make an appearance: “Jimmy is important to the series as a whole and obviously we love to hate Jimmy Cooper because he’s such a great character but he just, like, ruined his family,” Ross said. “In our minds, we hope he’s happy somewhere with Hayley and they got married and she’s like a fashion supernova and he’s not stealing people’s money. But I think for the show, Jimmy’s storyline is definitely one that kicks off the first arc of the season and because we’re not going past the pilot, it was really hard to work that into the show and have it feel open and closed. At the end of the musical you do want to feel like you just watched a completed thing. But his presence is still felt and we do set up the fact that something weird is going on with Jimmy, but he’s just not in the musical.”

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will be in attendance: Executive producer Stephanie Savage told Glamour that she was planning to attend the show alongside the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz. “They’re not involved with the project but they’re big fans,” Rosin said. “Stephanie was nice enough to come see Cruel Intentions about a month ago so that’s how we met her. Josh has been retweeting us. They obviously have been really kind and will be there in August.”

And although no other O.C. cast members have said they’ll attend — aside from Reeser who is in the show — Ross and Rosin are hopeful.

Captain Oats will hopefully make an appearance: “I’ve been working on getting Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle both in attendance,” Ross said. “I’ve been working on it so hopefully that ends up panning out. I would be very disappointed if they were not there. I’d also be very disappointed if the Atomic County characters don’t make an appearance in some capacity.”

Now, who wants a bagel?

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