By Dan Snierson
Updated July 14, 2015 at 05:04 PM EDT
Credit: Comedy Central

Do you like your animated comedy set in the futuristic, neon-lit ’80s with Rob Lowe playing a hot, not-so-bright detective named Dazzle, who gives instructions like, “Shoot at the base of the flames, where the fires brains are?” Then you might want to check out the trailer for Moonbeam City, which premieres Sept. 16 on Comedy Central.

The show tracks the (mis)adventures of Dazzle as he tries to clean up the streets of this hopping metropolis with the help of a cop named Chrysalis (Kate Mara). What’s that? You were promised more star power? Okay, well, Dazzle’s nemesis, Rad Cunningham, is voiced by Will Forte (and Dazzle introduces his foe with the hard-to-top line: “Rad Cunnignham, President of the Academy of Sharts and Sciences”). Oh, and Dazzle’s bad-ass boss is named Pizzaz and played by Elizabeth Banks. So, do you want to keep reading about the show or do you want to shed some visual light on Moonbeam City? Thought so. Watch below.