Slow-pitch softball is a great sport for bonding. It’s not too physically demanding, so anyone can play. Banter is allowed and encouraged between teammates and opponents alike. Beyond on-the-field roles, personality roles need to be filled. Someone has to lift spirits and encourage, hitting and fielding be damned.

Enter Hannibal Buress.

The comedian was on Drake’s celebrity softball team for the rapper’s second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend. Drizzy laid out why Buress was there. “On a real gloomy day like today, you need a real genuine winner out here to lift your spirits up,” he said, “and Hannibal has been doing a great job of that.”

Buress was a designated hitter, only there for his offense at the plate; his mitt rested untouched. “It’s very convenient,” he said. “I can chill out, be a fan, root everybody on. … It’s a fat man’s position. First-team all-offense.”

Before walking to the plate a fan asked Buress, “You hit as good as your jokes?” He laughed, and said, “We’ll see.”

In his only plate appearance on video, he nearly hit a single. But he was thrown out at first base.

Drake’s team ended up losing, but it was all for charity, so no one truly lost.