Credit: Hannah McKay/PA Wire/AP

After months of hype, Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set A Watchman will hit shelves on Tuesday. Early reviews haven’t been too kind to the To Kill A Mockingbird follow-up and have noted that fan favorite character Atticus Finch was written as a racist. Though Lee provides some stunning sentences, she’s left some duds in her prose. Ahead of the book’s release, EW has found the worst lines from Watchman.

1. “He was her true owner, that was clear to him.”

2. “She sternly repressed a tendency to boisterousness when she reflected that Sidney Lanier must have been like her long-departed cousin, Joshua Singleton Sinclair…”

3. “For the present she would pursue the stony path of spinsterhood.”

4. “Atticus raised his eyebrows in warning. He watched his daughter’s daemon rise and dominate her….When she looked thuds, only God and Robert Browning knew what she was likely to say.”

5. “She was completely unaware that with one twist of the tongue she could plunge Jean Louise into a moral turmoil…by tweaking the protestant, philistine strings of Jean Louise’s conscience until they vibrated like a spectral zither.”

6. “With the same suddenness that a barbarous boy yanks the larva of an ant lion from its hole to leave it struggling in the sun, Jean Louise was snatched from her quiet realm and left alone to protect her sensitive epidermis as best she could, on a humid Sunday afternoon at precisely 2:28 p.m.”